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1. High Court

      A. Writ Litigation

          Pro bono representation in relation to several high-profile constitutional matters challenging validity of

          Karnataka Land Reforms Act, 1961, and Karnataka Land Grabbing Prohibition Act, 2011.


  • Representation in relation to challenge to constitutional validity of the notification granting reservation to Economically Weaker Sections-Low Income Group in private layouts and residential developments. 

  • Representing more than 100 real estate developers in writ petitions challenging levy of various cesses and taxes by municipal & planning authorities, electricity and water corporations, fire department, pollution control board, and successfully obtaining interim reliefs.

  • Representing several high-profile government executives in proceedings under Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 and Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002.

  • Successfully represented leading real estate players, tech parks and individuals in challenging land acquisition proceedings.

  • Successfully represented a leading real estate developer against allegations of cartelisation in imposing onerous conditions on residential flat purchasers.

  • Representing various individuals in matters relating to civil suits (GM-CPC), government service, land allotment, land revenue, etc.

  • Company and commercial litigation

  • Our advocates frequently appear in Civil Miscellaneous Petitions for appointment of arbitrators, and Company Petitions.



      B. Criminal litigation

           Our advocates have appeared in high profile criminal matters including bail petition and criminal               petitions arising out of matters pertaining to Indian Penal Code, 1860, Prevention of Corruption                 Act,1988, Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002, Army Act, 1950, etc.


     C. Appellate and Revision litigation

          Our advocates regularly represent various clients in appellate litigation such as Civil Revision Petitions, Civil Petitions, Criminal Appeals,         
          Miscellaneous First Appeals, Miscellaneous Second Appeals, Regular First Appeals, Regular Second Appeals and Company Appeals.

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2. Trial Court

      A. Civil and commercial Litigation

          Our advocates regularly appear before various civil and commercial courts representing a wide array of clients ranging from individuals to     
          multinational corporations in money suits, partition suits, injunction suits, declaration suits, intellectual property litigation, real estate litigation,
          contractual litigations, arbitration applications, arbitration suits, employment litigation, divorce matters, etc.



      B. Criminal litigation

           Our advocates are experienced in matters pertaining to white collar crimes, cheque bounce matters, money-related crimes, domestic violence             matters, etc. 

3. Tribunals

      A. Arbitration tribunals

          Our advocates regularly represent EPC contractors, real estate developers, land owners, aerospace operators and multinational companies 
          before several arbitral tribunals.



      B. National Company Law Appellate Tribunal

          Our advocates have previously appeared for cement companies, automobile manufacturers and liaison agents in appeals pertaining to     
          Competition Act, 2002.


     C. National Company Law Tribunal

         Our advocates regularly appear for corporate debtors, operational creditors, financial creditors, insolvency resolution professionals, boards of             directors, and individual directors in matters relating to bankruptcy proceedings, oppression and mismanagement, disqualification/removal of             directors, non-compliance, etc.

      D. Central and State Administrative Tribunals

          Our advocates represent government employees in matters pertaining to service, employment benefits, pay, promotion, retirement,
          appointment, etc.


     E. Competition Commission of India

         Our advocates have previously represented Indian cement companies, Indian tyre manufacturers, Japanese car parts manufacturers, Indian ride           sharing platforms, American pharmaceutical companies, German electrical manufacturers, etc. in cases pertaining to cartelisation, abuse of                 dominance and restrictive trade practices. In addition, our advocates have also advised Indian multinational conglomerates, steel companies,             private equity funds on merger control.

     F. Court Martial

         Our advocates have experiences as defence counsels before District and General Court Martial Proceedings conducted by various wings of the           armed forces.

4. Real estate


      Our advocates assist real estate developers, financial institutions and retail purchasers in conducting property title due diligence, builder diligence,        and concluding joint development agreements, power of attorneys, sharing agreements, sale agreements, sale deeds, gift deeds, transfer deeds,        mortgage deeds, confirmation deeds, lease deeds, etc.

5. General corporate


      Our advocates are well versed in advising clients on various types of agreements such as asset purchase agreements, promotion agreements,              dealership, distributorship & franchisee agreements, commission agent agreements, employment agreements, founders agreements, investment              agreements, intermediary services agreements, memorandum of understanding, non-disclosure agreements, partnership deeds, articles of                    association, memorandum of association, service agreements, settlement agreements, website legal terms and conditions, power purchase                  agreement, etc.

6. Compliance audits


      Our advocates and professional affiliates handle complex accountancy, secretarial and legal audits for companies, partnerships, societies and            individuals. Our advocates also handle complex competition law audits.

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